Where to Buy Washi Tape

What Is Washi Tape?

Washi tape is a stylish paper used mainly in art purposes. Washi tape was first introduced in Japan and is mainly made up of fibres of gampi tree, though it is also made by using rice, wheat, bamboo, etc. Washi is a word comes from ‘wa’ and ‘shi’ which means stylish paper, which is also used in traditional purpose. Washi tape can also made by hand in a traditional manner. Washi tape is used in various types of products people use every day, such as toys, clothes, furniture, and other goods.

The production of washi tape is as similar as normal paper, but the methods used for produc

tion is tougher. The main condition for the production of washi substances is cold temperatures. The cold weather helps to prevent from bacterial attack and also from decomposition, but makes the fibres contract, thus producing a crispy feeling of paper. Traditionally it is one of the additional source of income for farmers. Nowadays it is mainly used for decoration purposes, such as for marriages, birthdays, receptions, scrap booking, and another occasions. It is also available in adhesive style, which makes it easily used for decoration purposes. With that being said, is also used in art such as paper art, pot art, wood art etc.

Where Can I Buy Washi Tape?

There are many different places you can buy washi tape. Some locations have more choices to choose from there others, but your widest variety is always going to be from online. If you’re going to be shopping online, we suggest Amazon as it has the widest selection to choose from. However, if you prefer to buy in-store/in-person, here is a list of some stores that sell washi tape:

  1. Michaels
  2. Target
  3. Walmart
  4. Staples
  5. JoAnn Fabric
  6. Office Depot

Feel free to click any of the links above for the respective store to find the closest physical location near you!

Additional Uses for Washi Tape

Washi tape is an extremely universal type of material, and can also be used in furniture and clothing to give a unique design. There are three types of washi tape: Ganpisi, Kozogami and Mitsumatagami. Ganpisi was used mainly in ancient times. It has a smooth and shiny surface, which made it great for buy washi tapebooks and crafts. Kozogami is the most widely used type of washi, which is made from paper mulberry and its toughness is closer to cloth vs. ordinary paper. Kozogami is also a water-resistant type of washi, which is a unique characteristic and therefore does not weaken in water. The misumatagami is ivory colored and has a shiny, polished surface, which is mainly used in some countries print money. Nowadays, other than wood pulp, new materials are also used to make it better than it’s earlier inception.

How Much Does Washi Tape Cost?

The price of washi tape mainly depends on the manufacturing material. Obviously, the tougher the material, the more costly it becomes. You can find the best prices of washi tape are available online, usually coming out of India. It is easily available in craft accessories in India, and they are available in many different colors and prints. The price can also depend on the adhesive characteristics of the washi tape you’re looking for. We have found that the best prices available are on Amazon. You can buy washi tape from Amazon for as low as $0.01 (plus shipping and handling) or as high as $1000. The prices also depend on how much you’re ordering at one time, or how much the company selling it sells in bulk.



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